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The Commercial Debt Collection Agency Association has released industry trend analysis for Q4, 2013.

What they found was a consistent drop (5.7%) in the number of Business To Business Collections accounts placed with collection agencies, but a consistent rise the the dollars placed (4.13$) with collection agencies.

In other words, fewer, but larger accounts in the B2B Debt Collections world Q4, 2013.

We were very ready to hear this news, as the year (2013) has been in overall decline.   The collection industry declined 11.5% over the volumes reported in 2012.

Similar declines, soft years, were see in 2009, 2010.  This is a business decline we have seen before and have seen again.

It may seem like an odd time to launch a new debt collection agency in Tampa with an overall soft market.  It is our belief that in tough times is when opportunity knocks the loudest.  The classic stereotype debt collector is being steadily legislated out of business.  We are not unhappy to see them go.

A new breed of tech savvy collection agencies, with solid old fashioned values, and a firm grasp on the psychology of debt collection is on their way to fill that gap.  Collectivity, LLC  is there, bringing to the industry old fashioned values, and modern technology.

Contact us now about your debt collection needs in Tampa, Florida, or anywhere in the country.

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