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Didn’t we just finish saying that the debt collection industry is in desperate need of a total overhaul, and are in grave need of debt collection professionals? That the abusers in the system cannot be tolerated, and that the future of debt collection relies on:

  • 1.  Acknowledging that the debtor has a moral obligation to pay their debt.
  • 2.  Debtors should be treated firmly, but with respect.
  • 3.  The new debt collector must have a background in law and psychology
  • 4.  There is no room for the “goons and thugs” of yesterday

If you are going to trust your public reputation to an outside collections firm, please, check them out.  See what they believe in.

FTC targets Amherst debt collector for threatening consumers


Don’t get bogged down with old school goons like these reported in Buffalo.  You will irevocably damage your business reputation through association, when the debtor turns around and sues, you will end up with nothing but litigation fees.

Collectivity, LLC, A fresh new approach to the debt collection industry.

Old fashioned values, modern technology.

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