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The Debt Collection Process

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The Debt Collection ProcessModern Debt Collection Processes

COLLECTIVITY is a Florida based advanced debt collection Services Company built on 30 years of successful collections experiences. COLLECTIVITY is the premier go-to company that provides results in the recovery of delinquent accounts utilizing a unique process based on extensive knowledge, experience, and technology. Experience has shown that clients need an integrated service where a debt can be easily submitted, collected and moved through the legal process with one call and safety of their information. The mission of COLLECTIVITY is to be the extension of a companys accounts receivables process that provides an integrated, personal service from receivables through, if required, litigation, with a personal interface.

The COLLECTIVITY process assists in increasing our business clients collections ratios, identifying potential problems in the collection of proper information and minimizes the debtor filing a counter claim in litigated matters. COLLECTIVITYS unique tools allow for quick analysis of ones claim, from a factual and legal aspect, including substantive and procedural laws, and factors bearing on litigation as a collection option coupled with personal one on one contact through the collection process.

  • Clients are guided through the process if necessary.
  • Account managers are available to assist them every step of the waywhether it is deciphering what legal counsel is recommending or assisting in filling out the proper forms.
  • Objectives are accomplished by maintaining quality, service oriented attitudes, integrity, fairness and the highest ethical standards. These are paramount in all aspects of COLLECTIVITY.
  • While the legal process is not the goal on the initial intake of a claim, minimal time will be spent upon repetition of our clients previous attempts; it will be used when necessary.
  • Speed is of the utmost importance.
  • Using digitized technology, COLLECTIVITY has the ability to place claims immediately thereby maximizing recovery potential resulting in increased revenues for clients.

The office of the president of COLLECTIVITY is unique in that the president is experienced in successful collections that focus on preserving the clients customers. He is also a licensed Florida attorney who can assure collections are expedited and in compliance state and federal collection regulation. The clients of COLLECTIVITY know when and how the collection process is proceeding enabling them to know when the collection occurred, if they want to proceed with litigation, write off the receivable as a bad debt or sell the receivable.