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I’ve been mentioning the incredible changes to the debt collection industry in terms of large wholesale changes to the rules that govern the collection of debt.
When I talk to my piers, friends and associates in the industry I get a puzzling and near universal attitude of “glumness” that “THEY”  in this case our legislatures, are making it impossible for “US“,  the debt collectors, to do our jobs.
We could not hold a more polar opposite view  from our associates in the debt collection industry.
  • First, it is not the business of our government to protect our jobs, not in in any industry, from our own unscrupulous practices.
  • Second, there is a huge segment of our industry that believes that if they know how to run a phone center with a calling script, they have all it takes to be collectors.
  • Third, legitimate professional debt collectors may have more legal oversight, but they were probably already acting in their professional capacity in a way that is not in conflict with existing, and upcoming laws.
  • Fourth, our industry is about to be faced with a  massive new wave of clients, and most of our industry is unprepared..
  • Fifth, with greater oversight and legislation the goons thugs and heavy handed “bottom end” of our industry will by necessity “go away” and our industry will finally enjoy the credibility as a necessary partner between commercial business, and clients having difficulty, providing the oil that feeds the economy ensuring that everyone gets paid for their effort.
Let’s draw a parallel, regardless of party affiliation, the Affordable Care Act has created a massive glut of patients that in the past could not afford healthcare, that are now knocking on the doors of healthcare providers.  The healthcare industry was totally unprepared for the sudden new demand.  I believe that my industry, the debt collection industry, is about to be inundated with more demand.  The small to mid sized business owner that in the past conducted all of their own accounts receivable collections is not a collection professional.  They are going to find it more and more difficult to collect a debt legally, they may even lose a few opportunities in court due to missteps.
Small businesses and mid sized businesses today simply do not have the knowledge resources to keep up and stay compliant with the changing legislation around what you can and cannot due to collect a debt.   Today’s business is totally unprepared for the dithering amount of collections laws, and face a staggering array of consequences for innocent missteps.
We have heard reports of Credit Card companies walking away from literally billions of dollars in past due debt without legal action, because it is too difficult to legally collect without countersuit.  How is the small business person to collect their legitimate debts without help.
I’ve said many times, that our industry is on the verge of a renaissance.  Where goons and thugs go away, where legal and psychological professionals begin engaging in a rational process of collecting debt in a firm, respectful, and fair way.  There is a new breed of professional required in our industry.  Like the medical profession, where a wave of demand caught them unawares, I fear that there are far to few debt collection professionals out there that are embracing the current change, and far to few that are ready to support this new wave of small to mid sized businesses that are no longer able to keep up with what it takes to legally collect on the money they are legitimately owed.
Just today, new court decisions on how you have to word collection of “old debt”  How in the world is a construction company supposed to keep up with this?   We, as an industry are more vital, needed, and relevant than ever.
Collectivity has always believed in a more professional and respectful, but firm, approach to collecting debts.  WE are ready to support our clients, existing, and new, in their cash flow management needs.
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