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We have often mentioned on this debt collections blog the, at times, staggering velocity of change in the debt recovery industry.

Debt Collection Industry Change

Again today we come across another article that is proposing sweeping changes, this time in the insurance industry.


With the massive volume of change, and the enormous legal foundations that are changing, we are again feeling very hopeful for our industry.

Our background, being an attorney owned debt collection agency, enables us to keep pace with these changes.  The old guard of debt collection agencies must be struggling to continue their “business as usual” posture.  The risk to companies employing debt collection professionals increases on a daily basis.  However, the risk to companies “going it alone” and collecting their own debts is increasing on an order of magnitude greater.

Here at Collectivity, LLC, we spend an exhaustive amount of time staying on top of new regulations to ensure that your debts can be recovered.  We will spend time coaching your in-house staff in a consultative capacity to be sure that they don’t make missteps that end up making your debts uncollectable, or worse, expose you to penalties for improperly collecting on money you are owed.

There are many who look to this massive volume of change as the “death knell” of the debt collection industry.   We take a different perspective.  New controls will give a bright new future and a new level of respectability and professionalism to our image tarnished industry, much the same way as IBM gave legitimacy to the Personal Computer Industry when they entered the market with the PC.  We sit at the precipice of massive change, change for the better.

Old guard agencies are faced with 3 choices.  Fold up their business, change, or sell to a more forward thinking agency.

We at Collectivity feel that the timing is perfect for a new debt collection agency in Florida, one grounded in law, psychology, old fashioned values around the need for people to pay their debts, respect for both client and debtor, and leveraging modern technology.

Going forward, we hope to build relationships with small and mid sized businesses that appreciate that part of their professional reputation rests with the quality and professionalism exhibited in how they get paid.

If you are looking for a new, and prepared, debt collection agency in Florida, that can collect anywhere worldwide, we welcome you to contact us.  Let’s open a dialog now about securing your cash flow for the future.

Until next time.