We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections

Going through the Debt Collection Industry’s Journals is one of the things we do to keep up to date on changing debt collection laws, changing collection strategies, and the general state of our industry.

We got a bit of a Valentines Day Present  with a very insightful article on Feb 14 in Inside ARM.

I’d like to share a snippet with you, and then our reflections.

“Last year confirmed an important lesson I’ve learned over and again during my more than 20 years in the collection industry—the software an agency uses isn’t the most important ingredient to success. What matters most is the partnership and joint efforts we engage in to bring about a lift our clients’ bottom lines. Ultimately, we help our clients succeed through partnerships built upon an unwavering commitment to know them and understand their needs.”

That’s the framework that Collectivity is built on,   Old Fashioned values and client partnership. Forging a relationship with our clients, and not breaking the relationship between our clients and their debtors.   Gone are the days when the collector screaming on the phone is an acceptable model, and we are glad to see them gone.  Gone are the days when your software or your autodialer can trump a calm rational voice working with your debtor.

Personal skills, personal service, dedication to your clients, respectfully treating the debtor.  These are the hallmark of the new collection agencies.

While our industry is being hammered left and right with enough scandal to make us look like the average politician (yes sarcasm and humor intended), our firm, Collectivity, welcomes the change.  The minority bad collection firms erode the credibility and huge value of the quality firms.

Collectivity, however does stand in two places, the first is Old Fashioned Values, the second though is modern tools.   We believe in using technology to work for us, and work towards the best tools possible to make sure that we execute on your debt collection with maximum efficiency, we meet the myriad of reporting requirements, and effective collect the money you are owed.    This sits, however behind our first pillar of our business… Old Fashioned Values.

Give us a try we are in Tampa Florida, and focus on Florida Debt Collection, but also service clients and collect from Debtors all over the country.

Call today, find the difference Old Fashioned Values make to the quality of your debt collection efforts.


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