We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections

Collectivity, llc are professional debt collectors.

We have a set of moral standards, old fashioned values.    Our industry is plagued with debt collectors, that just might not only not collect for you, but may expose you to additional liability.  Imagine that, hiring a debt collector, and having that end up costing you money.

We are extremely aware of all of the requirements of what we can and can’t say.  We use persuasive psychology and persistent ethical and legal means to collect on your debt.

This is a scenario you will never see from Collectivity, LLC.   Instead, you will see old fashioned values, and new technologies, applied towards the collection of your debt, with a goal to keeping and creating a good customer, out of a bad situation.

You will never find yourself on the wrong end of this equation using Collectivity, LLC, professional Florida Debt Collectors.