We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections

Collectivity, LLC is a debt collection agency, founded and specializing in Florida debt collection.

One would not normally view a debt collector as “generous”.  It is surprising that as an industry the debt collection industry is very generous.  We like to consider ourselves at Collectivity to be good stewards of our community, and believe that giving closer to home has greater impact.

One of the first places we start giving though, is in the extra time, advise, and care we show our clients.

An interesting article recently in the Tampa Bay Business Journal that confirms how Collectivity has always treated their clients allowing substantial growth. We do not bill for the time spent with our clients, nor do we skimp on that time. We are here to answer all your questions to your satisfaction and to assist in advising you how to avoid future receivable errors to the best of our ability.


Florida Debt Collection Agency

Collectivity LLC

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