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Debt Collection Psychology and Technique

Fast, Effective, Attention Getting Debt Collection Techniques


Psychology of Debt CollectionDebt Collection Psychology

The most effective approach is to influence human behaviorto plant in the debtors mind a flow of thought that passes from attention to interest to desireand finally to the action wantedpayment of your bill. No two individuals are the same, just as no two claims are identical. This is where COLLECTIVITY differs from the assembly line approach used by so many collection agencies today. We review the collect-ability of your claims at no charge through an in-depth analysis based on legal and practical considerations, including documentation available to prove your claim, factual and legal defenses, substantive and procedural laws, and factors bearing on litigation as a collection option. In all attempts to collect claims, threatening debtors with suit and then failing to follow through is a serious pitfall that only conveys apathy to the debtor. At COLLECTIVITY we attempt to avoid the legal process at all reasonable costs. However, when a claim appears collectible only through the legal process, we offer a worldwide network of the most experienced, bonded collection attorneys. A $1,000,000-$2,000,000 indemnity bond against loss due to fraudulent or dishonest acts covers all attorneys used by COLLECTIVITY. Through the advice of legal counsel, you are guided throughout the entire legal process. Our knowledge of various state laws and their nuances add to the success of collecting your claims. We are always available to assist you every step of the waywhether it is deciphering what associate counsel is recommending or assisting you in filling out the proper forms. We will never recommend suit when such would be ill advised or not cost effective. Our goal is to increase your collection ratio, assist in identifying potential problems before they become serious problems, and reduce the chances of having the debtor file a counter claim in a litigated matter.