We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections

It is so close, we can all taste it!

With every new adventures there are running moments, and waiting moments, moments of sheer terror that things won’t happen when they need to, and moments of absolute triumph.

Collectivity, LLC, is a small local business.   I’m the President, Mark, and I run a small business just like you do.  I happen to have been in this business for more decades.. yes that ended with an “S” than I care to admit, but Collectivity represents something very fresh new and different.

With Collectivity, we have all of the hopes and plans that you probably had when you launched your small business.    Well now, we not only have the experience, but it looks like all the pieces of the puzzle are about to come together.

Our licensing, our bonding, our web site, our new office address, even the phones and the new message and routing on our voice mail.

Ladies and Gentlemen…. We are on the cusp of being officially “open for business”.  How exciting to be a new business, but have so much history behind us.

Thank you to all of my clients that are following us to Collectivity, to my partner, both financial partners, and my partner in life, my web guy (obnoxious) and everyone else that has worked so hard to get us started.

Here’s hoping We have a great big Grand Opening Post, any day, any hour now!

Mark Levinson.