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I’m an honest hard working College Grad, that simply hasn’t been able to find a decent paying job.   My college debt is weighing me down, and I can’t afford to pay.  Is Bankruptcy an option for relief?

Sure, you can file for bankruptcy, but odds are, your student loans won’t be forgiven, you will still owe them.

College Debt and Bankruptcy

Student loans that have been guaranteed by the US Government have no statute of limitations.  That means that they are with you FOR LIFE.  It is possible to have a court grant you a  release, or partial release, of your obligation, but it is tricky.  Very Tricky.

In order to get court ordered relief from student loans you will need to be able to prove to a judge not only that you can’t support the debt with your current income, but that you will not be able to support the debt from income for the foreseeable future.  You are literally “crysal balling” your future economic prospects for the court, and you need to be convincing about it.

americorps for student loan forgiveness.

Another Solution

One unique option, if you are fresh out of school, and not deeply entrenched in the workforce… Is volunteer work with Americorps or the Peace Corps.   Both Americorps  (volunteering inside the US) and the Peace Corps (volunteering outside of the US)  will awarded up to $4,725 towards your past due student loans for a year of service.  The experience you gain working for these agencies, just might position you for better job opportunities as well.  It’s not something that works for everyone, but student loan forgiveness is hard to get, and this is a unique way to try to get some relief, work experience, and do good for society in general.

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