We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections

Debt Collections Scope

Bonded Local/National/International Collections:

Though Collectivity is a Florida based Collection Agency, we also service clients on both the National and International level. In addition, we are well versed in the diversity in various state laws and can assist with your collection needs no matter where the debtor may be located. We have a diverse network of Bonded Creditors Rights attorneys who assist us all over the world.

Skip tracing is the art of locating people and their assets. Finding the debtor is one of the biggest frustrations in trying to recover accounts and where many agencies fail. Relocation, name change or a change in employment status a large majority neglect to inform you of these life changes, resulting in lost money to your company and an increase in receivables. If the debtors whereabouts are unknown, we have the ability to skip trace in an effort to locate the responsible party using multiple databases and professional skip tracing firms we are associated with. Those results are then updated and passed on to the collection team for continued collection efforts. To you, this means we will locate your debtors and their assets, turning bad debt into collected accounts which in turn adds to your bottom line as revenue. Unlike some other agencies, our Skip tracing solutions are provided to clients at no additional cost. Our skip tracing solutions coupled with our proven collection program will yield net return results maximizing Collectivity.