We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections

Many times by the time a claim is placed with a collection agency many things have already gone wrong from the client’s perspective. Additional costs, delays, litigation pitfalls and complexity…the last thing a client wants or needs is more confusion, delay, expense and overall frustration.

A collection agency’s mission should be one of providing a complete package of assistance to their clients in a professional and efficient manner while maintaining cost effectiveness. In addition, an agency should be available to answer all questions raised by a client and to assist them in any way possible that will lead to the “collectivity” of their claim (pardon the little advertisement there).

Client satisfaction should be paramount to all other concerns. Too many times a client may be told “advance your file another 30 days” with no further explanation. Likewise, they may be told that their file is out for service with the process server or is awaiting a preliminary hearing. What? What’s that? Why another 30 days?

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to a business that provides services. Only by recognizing what is essential to a client and by meeting their needs will you have a successful business enterprise. The converse can be detrimental to a growing business, for an unsatisfied client will likely look for service elsewhere. It is imperative in today’s very competitive collection business to have an effective way to measure client’s satisfaction and to continually enhance and improve where necessary.

Below are key in determining and improving your client’s satisfaction:

  • Communicate often with your client to determine if they are happy with your services and the manner in which you communicate with them.
  • Be open to both positive and negative feedback. Be willing to accept suggestions from your clients and see if their ideas fit into your business plan and will allow for improved client satisfaction.
  • Ask the hard questions – are they happy with the quality of your service; the availability of personnel to address their issues; the friendliness of the personnel; and most of all the knowledge of your personnel to address your client’s specific questions and issues.
  • Communicate your willingness to receive feedback from your client by perhaps providing incentives…discounts or reduced fees.

Clients must feel that they are as important to you as you are to them and that you ultimate goal is to provide them with complete satisfaction with your services.