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Here’s a quick brain puzzler for you?

Recently in the news was a Florida Debt Collection Agency that would accept BitCoin a virtual currency for payment.  I puzzled over reporting that or not, and decided to let it go.. thinking  “why promote a stunt?”

Now comes a company that has gone public that specializes in defaults where BitCoin is the primary currency?

Given that BitCoin is not the currency of the land, I find this extremely interesting.  No surprise that the stock is dead flat with no interest, but the fact that it made it public, means that only an Ostrich would burry their heads in the sand.  BitCoin, or similar conveyances are definitely eeking their way out of the shadows, and nibbling at the edges of mainstream..


Coin Debt Collection specializes in resolution of debt obligations relating to bitcoin and altcoin contracts, arbitration awards and judgments.    We work with attorneys and debt collection agencies in the US to collect debts owed to our customers for a percentage of the debt collected as well as purchased debt from our customers and collecting ourselves.    

We are not ready to jump into the alt.currency business.. but it is worth watching, even if only as a curious side note.

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