We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections
Gainesville Florida Debt Collection Agency
Gainesville FL Debt Collector

COLLECTIVITY is a collection services business…providing specialized accounts receivable recovery services to commercial and consumer credit grantors.  Its product is based upon integrated technology and personal quality service.  The results of this are seen by:

  • ·      Saving time and money spent on in-house debt collections thereby assuring more productive use of internal staff time;
  • ·      Decrease in credit department’s bad debt ratios;
  • ·      Assistance through education, seminars, etc. in reviewing and assisting credit personnel in spotting and predicting potential problems earlier, thereby resulting in placement sooner with us resulting in a higher percentage of recoveries;
  • ·      COLLECTIVITY acting as independent third party, can effect collection with minimum damage to good will, increasing the opportunity to retain the customer.
  • ·      Potential outlet to recovery monies on debts by selling those debts to COLLECTIVITY.

COLLECTIVITY adheres to a strict Code of Ethics, which assures the use of reputable, professional collection procedures. Abusive or harassing techniques are never permissible.
We are specialists in what we do.  The goal is to recover payment in a timely, amicable manner. Fees are usually based solely on results, not on time spent on prolonged negotiations.