We are exclusively a commercial collections agency, we do not do personal collections
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COLLECTIVITY’S unique tools allow for quick analysis of your claim, from a factual and legal aspect, including substantive and procedural laws, and factors bearing on litigation as a collection option coupled with personal one on one contact  through the collection process. 

Clients are guided through the process if necessary; account managers are available to assist them every step of the way…whether it is deciphering what legal counsel is recommending or assisting in filling out the proper forms.

Objectives are accomplished by maintaining quality, service oriented attitudes. Integrity, fairness.  The highest ethical standards are paramount in all aspects of the company. 
While the legal process is not the goal on the initial intake of a claim, minimal time will be spent upon repetition of our client’s previous attempts; it will be used when necessary. 

Speed is of the utmost importance. Using digitized technology, COLLECTIVITY has the ability to place claims immediately thereby maximizing recovery potential resulting in increased revenues for clients.
Our over 35 years of experience in collections has shown that no two individuals are the same, just as no two claims are identical. Collectivity uniqueness lies in the fact that we do not take the ‘assembly line approach’ used by so many in the collection market today. 

The most effective approach to collections is to influence human behavior…to plant in the debtor’s mind a flow of thought that passes from attention to interest to desire…and finally to the action wanted…payment!